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Livebearing Fish

Xiphophorus variatus
Variable platyfish

Scientific name:
Xiphophorus variatus
Former scientific name:
Platypoecilus variatus
Common Names:
Variable platyfish
Natural habitat:
Mexico, but also implanted in other countries

Photo © Kjell Fohrman
Omnivore and herbivore (algae, plant parts, invertebrates and insects). In aquariums should be given a varied diet with small frozen food as well as also fiber-rich veggie food.
The Variable platyfish is a relatively easily bred species and the aquarium should contain quite a few plants so that the fry have a greater chance of coping. Females are pregnant for 3—7 weeks and up to 100 fry are born per spawn. One can usefully hold several females with one male.
Peaceful species that can be kept together with other fish and can be kept in fairly cool water. However, the water temperature should not change too hastily.
A suitable aquarium should be densely planted and may gladly contain some algae.
Males are smaller as well as have a gonopodium.
Several cultivated colour variants occur. There are also junctions with X. maculatus and X. helleri.

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