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Livebearing Fish

Ameca splendens
Butterfly splitfin

Scientific name:
Ameca splendens
Common Names:
Butterfly splitfin
Natural habitat:
Mexico: Jalisco

Photo © Kjell Fohrman
Herbivore and omnivore (plants (e.g. algae), insects, etc.). Should in the aquariums mainly be given a vegetable diet which, however, should be mixed up with other diets.
The species is relatively easily bred. The breeding aquarium must be densely planted. The female can breed up to 30 fry after a long period of brooding (about 7-8 weeks) and they are very large (about 1.5-2 cm).
The species is peaceful but the males are territorial. It can be kept in communitytanks, but only with large robust species. A suitable aquarium should contain a lot of plants, have a dark bottom material, as well as a good filtration and decently turbulent water. Temperatures may gladly vary throughout the year (a few degrees colder in winter).
Males are slightly smaller, have slightly stronger colours, as well as have a black and yellow seam on the anal fin.
The species is common in the hobby, but is considered extinct in the wild. However, likely the species is still present in a few locations. There are some cultivated variants of the species.

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