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Livebearing Fish

Xiphophorus kallmani
Catemaco/Kallmani sword carrier, brass host carrier.

Scientific name:
Xiphophorus kallmani
Common Names:
Catemaco/Kallmani sword carrier, brass host carrier.
Natural habitat:
Mexico. Papaloapan Region

Photo © Kjell Fohrman
Omnivore. Eats all kinds of food and in aquariums should be given a varied diet.
The species is a livebearer, giving birth to live fry in a quiet place.
Males are aggressive towards other sword carrier males and especially towards those that are the same species. Preferably keep more females than males in the aquarium. A suitable aquarium should be densely planted, but also have an open swimming surface, as well as a good filtration. The species can be kept in a communitytank (though preferably not paired with other Xiphophorus species) with other peaceful species.
Males have a gonopodium and a sword as well as a more distinctive “red” band. Females are usually slightly larger. Photo 1 shows a male
Photo 2 shows both a male and female.

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