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Livebearing Fish

Poecilia vandepolli
Van de Polls/ABC/Yellowtailed Molly

Scientific name:
Poecilia vandepolli
Common Names:
Van de Polls/ABC/Yellowtailed Molly
Natural habitat:
Colombia, Venezuela, Curaçao, etc.

Photo © Kjell Fohrman
Omnivore. In the wild, it feeds on insects and algae. In aquariums, mixed food such as veggie food and small frozen food.
The female gives birth every four weeks (time varies depending on temperature) about 30 fry.
The species is relatively peaceful and can be kept in communitytanks together with other species. However, it should not be kept together with other members of the Poecilia genus (especially not other mollys) because the risk of crossbreedings is then great. You should preferably have a small group of the species.
The aquarium should contain some plants. It can be kept in both sweet and brackish water and even in salt water.
Males have a gonopodium as well as are more colourful.
There are some colour variants of the species.

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