Betta splendens
Bettas and Gouramis

Betta splendens
Siamese Fighting Fish

Scientific name:
Betta splendens
Former scientific name:
Betta trifasciata
Betta pugnax
Common Names:
Siamese Fighting Fish
Natural habitat:
Thailand, Cambodia

Photo © Mattias Allroth

Carnivore (small invertebrates). Feed mainly with small piecies of frozen food, but it eats all the common food offered to them in aquariums.
The Siamese fighting fish is a bubblenest-builder and builds its nest in a corner of the aquarium or among free floating plants.
Males are extremely aggressive, not only towards other males (males are impossible to keep together) but also towards females and other similar fish. One can admittedly keep a pair together (or rather many females with one male), but then a much larger aquarium is required. If you want to keep a male together with other species (which are not similar), the aquarium should be at least 90 cm/120 litres (35,5 in/26,5 gallons). The aquarium should be densely planted, but with space for swimming and some free floating plants. It thrives best in a low aquarium where there are plenty of hiding places in the form of stones and roots.
Males have stronger colors and larger fins. The specimens found in stores are usually cultivated forms.

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