Iranocichla hormuzensis
Cichlids - Other

Iranocichla hormuzensis
Iranian/Hormuz cichlid

Scientific name:
Iranocichla hormuzensis
Common Names:
Iranian/Hormuz cichlid
Natural habitat:
Southern Iran

Photo © Tonny Brandt Andersen

Herbivore and omnivore (algae and small invertebrates, as well as detrite). Feed in aquarium mainly with vegetable food, but gladly supplement with frozen food.
The species is a relatively peaceful maternal (female) mouthbreeder. Females normally brood for 30-50 eggs after a spawn (the “top note” is 150 eggs). Females are especially sensitive during and after spawning and they often swallow or spit out the eggs.
In aquarium it is best kept in a small group of 6-10 specimens. A suitable aquarium shall contain some hiding places. It jumps so make sure to have tightly sealed cover glass on the aquarium.
This species should only be kept together with other peaceful and calm fish because it is otherwise easily stressed. It accepts both sweet as brackish water and likely it is best kept in water that has a certain salt addition. The temperature of its natural environment varies greatly throughout the year.
There are no major external differences between the sexes, but males become slightly larger and acquire slightly darker colours as it woos females. It can be held together with plants, but it is difficult to find plants that thrive in very hot and salty water.
The species today is not considered endangered, but is nevertheless at great risk in the future because it lives in an exposed environment (near oil fields and pollution).

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