Poecilia reticulata
Livebearing Fish

Poecilia reticulata

Scientific name:
Poecilia reticulata
Former scientific name:
Lebistes reticulatus
Acanthocephalus guppii
Common Names:
Natural habitat:
Central America and northern South America. Even outplanted in many places.

Photo © Mark Smith

Omnivore who eats all the common food offered to them in aquariums.
The Guppy is an easily bred livebearer, yielding up to 40 fry per spawn. This quickly results in too many fish (if the aquarium is small), so you constantly have to remove fry unless the aquarium is large.
A suitable aquarium should contain some plants, preferably free floating plants. It fits well in a communitytank, although one should avoid keeping it together with species that bites/naps in the fins. It accepts brackish water. This is one of the most popular aquarium fish and it occurs in quantities of different specifically bred color variants. The original natural form of this fish is smaller than the large and beautiful guppies found in the store. This once hardy fish can sometimes be sensitive and the main reason for that is likely that some of the strains on which it is grown are not of high enough quality. Specimens that come from good Asia-strains or Europe-bred are generally much more durable.
Males are usually slightly smaller but have considerably more magnificent colours and fins.

Photo 2 shows a female in which one can see the eye of a fry.

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