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Livebearing Fish

Poecilia sphenops
Black-, gold-, silver-, dalmantinemolly

Scientific name:
Poecilia sphenops
Former scientific name:
Gambusia modesta
Mollienesia sphenops
Common Names:
Black-, gold-, silver-, dalmantinemolly
Natural habitat:
Central America and North South America

Photo © Kjell Fohrman
Herbivore and omnivore that need food with vegetable content. Eats some algae. The Poecilia sphenops molly is a very peaceful livebearer. It is bred in large quantities in ponds with warm brackish water in Asia. Therefore, they have a difficult time adapting to aquarium conditions. Asia-imported specimens must have hot water (at least 26°C or 78,8°F, but preferably a couple more degrees) as well as brackish water (0,1%). In their natural environment, they live in significantly cooler waters (18-28°C or 64,4-82,4°F). The variants that occur in the stores are specifically bred and colour-wise have little in common with fish found in nature. The quality of the fish that has been bred in Europe is usually higher. These fish have a difficulty level of 2. Males are slender and have reproductive organs (gonopodium). Females are larger and rounder.

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