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Livebearing Fish

Poecilia velifera
Sail-fin molly

Scientific name:
Poecilia velifera
Former scientific name:
Mollesinia velifera
Common Names:
Sail-fin molly
Natural habitat:
Southeastern Mexico

Photo © Mark Smith
Omnivore who need food with vegetable content. Eats some algae. The Sail-fin molly is a peaceful livebearer. This species is bred in large quantities in ponds with warm and brackish waters in Asia. Therefore, it is necessary that the aquarium water is warm (at least 25°C/77°F, but preferably a few degrees more) and that it contains brackish water (about 0,2%). The variants that occur in the stores are specifically bred and colour-wise have little in common with fish found in nature. The quality of fish grown in Europe is usually higher. These fish have a difficulty level of 2. Males have a significantly larger dorsal fin than females have.

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