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Livebearing Fish

Xiphophorus hellerii, Grön

Scientific name:
Xiphophorus hellerii, Grön
Former scientific name:
Poecilia helleri
Xiphophorus helleri
Common Names:
Natural habitat:
Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Guatemala

Photo © Kjell Fohrman
Omnivore who eats all the common food offered to them in aquariums. The Swordtail is a peaceful livebearer and can yield up to 100 fry per offspring. It fits in most communitytanks, given that it is not too small. A suitable aquarium should contain a lot of plants and preferably also some free floating plants. It is a very popular aquarium fish and occurs in many specifically bred color variants that are very different from the original one from Central America. Sometimes are farm-bred swordtails fish delicate. It is easy to tell a difference between the sexes because the male has a “sword” on the tail fin.

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