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Hasemania nana
Silvertip tetra

Scientific name:
Hasemania nana
Former scientific name:
Hasemania melanura
Hemigrammus nanus
Common Names:
Silvertip tetra
Natural habitat:
Southeast Brazil.

Photo © Mark Smith
Omnivore. Eats in aquariums all standard food.
It is a highly productive species and is an egg-scatterer among plants. It is best bred in a special cultivation aquarium. The fry are easy to breed.
The Silvertip tetra is a lively and peaceful shoaling fish that thrives and works best in aquariums with strongly circulating water because in the wild it lives in oxygen-rich waters. But it is relatively adaptable to most environments and does not make any major demands on the interior of the aquarium, although the aquarium can gladly contain some plants and have a dark bottom, preferably also slightly dimmed lighting.
It is a very common aquarium fish.
The colors may vary slightly depending on the provenance.
Males have stronger colours and are more slender than the female. On the male, the tip of the anal fin is white, on the female more yellowish.

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