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Hemigrammus bleheri
Firehead tetra

Scientific name:
Hemigrammus bleheri
Common Names:
Firehead tetra
Natural habitat:
Colombia and Brazil.

Photo © Christian Alfredsson
Omnivore. Eats in aquariums all standard food.
It is not as easily bred as many of the other tetras. It is an egg-scatterer that ideally spawns in shoals among fine-leaved plants. The eggs hatch after 28-36 hours and are swimming freely after 4 days. The fry are very small.
The Firehead tetra is a peaceful, lively shoaling fish that fits in most communitytanks. However, it is a somewhat fragile species that places quite high demands on the water (pH, temperature, etc.) One should use a water chemicals in case of water changes.
A suitable aquarium contains some plants and has a not too bright bottom.
Males are more slender than females, which are slightly rounder, especially during the spawning period.
It is often confused with Hemigrammus rhodostomus and Petitella georgiae. H.bleheri has more intense colours than both others.

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