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Hyphessobrycon megalopterus
Black phantom tetra

Scientific name:
Hyphessobrycon megalopterus
Former scientific name:
Megalamphodus megalopterus
Common Names:
Black phantom tetra
Natural habitat:
Brazil and Bolivia.

Photo © Erik Ahlin
Omnivore and carnivore. Eats in aquariums all standard food.
It is an egg-scatterer among fine-leaved plants and is relatively easily bred. It is best bred in a special breeding aquarium where you move a pair.
The Black phantom tetra is a peaceful shoaling fish (but can also be kept in pairs) that fits in most communitytanks together with other peaceful fish.
A suitable aquarium shall contain dense plants (at the sides and beyond the rear window) and have a slightly dimmed lighting (some free floating plants).
Males are more slender than females, which especially during the spawning period are rounder. Males are darker and have blacker fins, the fins of females are reddish.
This species is a relatively common aquarium fish.

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