Paracheirodon axelrodi
Tetras and alike

Paracheirodon axelrodi
Cardinal tetra

Scientific name:
Paracheirodon axelrodi
Former scientific name:
Cheirodon axelrodi
Hyphessobrycon cardinalis
Common Names:
Cardinal tetra
Natural habitat:
Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil.

Photo © Kjell Fohrman

Omnivore and carnivore. Eats in aquariums all standard food. It is an egg-scatterer among plants, but is quite hard to breed. The fry (up to about 500 per spawn) hatch after about 24 hours and are swimming freely after about 6 days. The Cardinal tetra is a very peaceful and lively shoaling fish, though somewhat delicate, that fits in most communitytanks with other peaceful fish. A suitable aquarium contains plenty of plants, a slightly dimmed lighting (using, for example, free floating plants or peat chemicals), and has a dark bottom material. Use a water preparation chemicals during water changes. Females are slightly rounder than the males. The Cardinal tetra is a very popular aquarium fish, unfortunately it is somewhat sensitive and easily suffers from the so-called neon-disease. It is especially fragile for the first few days in a new aquarium, but when well adapted, there are usually no problems. You can reduce the risk of problems during the first time by adding a water preparation chemicals, as well as ensuring that the pH of the water is not too high.

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