Paracheirodon innesi
Tetras and alike

Paracheirodon innesi
Neon tetra

Scientific name:
Paracheirodon innesi
Former scientific name:
Hyphessobrycon innesi
Common Names:
Neon tetra
Natural habitat:
Peru, Colombia and Brazil.

Photo © Mark Smith
It is an omnivore and carnivore that in aquariums eats all standard food. It is an egg-scatterer among plants and is quite easily bred, though not particularly productive. The fry (up to about 150 per spawn) hatch after about 24 hours and are swimming freely after about 6 days. It is best bred in a special cultivation aquarium. The Neon tetra is a very peaceful and lively shoaling fish that fits in most communitytanks with other peaceful fish. A suitable aquarium contains plenty of plants, a slightly dimmed light (using free floating plants, or peat chemicals that make the water browner), and has a dark bottom material. It does not suffer as easily by the “neon-disease” as, for example, the cardinal tetra. The specimens found in the stores today are almost exclusively cultivated fish, wild-caught ones are very unusual. Males are slightly slender and have a straight longitudinal blue band. Females are slightly rounder and have a blue band that is not as straight as on the males. The Neon tetra is likely to be the most popular of all aquarium fish and that it has become so popular has several reasons including being beautiful, hardy, easy to care for, peaceful and accessible.

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