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Paracheirodon simulans
Green neon tetra

Scientific name:
Paracheirodon simulans
Former scientific name:
Hyphessobrycon simulans
Common Names:
Green neon tetra
Natural habitat:
Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil: Rio Negro.

Photo © Charley Grimes
Omnivore and carnivore. It prefers living food, but eats in aquariums all standard food.
It is an egg-scatterer among plants, but is difficult and not particularly productive. It is best bred in a special breeding aquarium.
The Green neon tetra is a very peaceful and lively shoaling fish, though somewhat delicate, that fits in most communitytanks with other peaceful fish.
A suitable aquarium contains plenty of plants, a slightly dimmed lighting (using free floating plants, or peat chemicals that make the water browner), and has a dark bottom material. Use a water chemicals during water changes.
The fish that occur in the stores today are therefore almost exclusively wild-caught.
Females are slightly larger and rounder than the males.
The Green neon tetra is somewhat delicate and easily suffers from diseases such as “neon disease” and “oodinium”. It is especially fragile for the first days in a new aquarium, but once it adapts, usually no problems arise. You can reduce the risk of problems in the first time by adding a water chemicals, as well as ensuring that the pH of the water is not too high.

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