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Pygocentrus nattereri
Red piranha

Scientific name:
Pygocentrus nattereri
Former scientific name:
Serrasalmus nattereri
Serrasalmo piranha
Common Names:
Red piranha
Natural habitat:

Photo © Peter Nyman
Carnivore. Fish-eater. Eats in aquariums frozen food, fish fillets but sometimes even pellets. Assuming they get enough food and have enough space, they usually do not attack other fish.
It is a substratebreeder and spawns in pits in the sand digged up by the male. The first day, both parents guard the eggs, then the male chases away the female. One spawning can give up to about 1000 eggs. After 8 days, the fry is swimming freely.
The Red piranha is a shoaling fish. In nature, it goes in giant shoals and there can be dangerous for all living. Their dangerousness to man, however, has been greatly exaggerated.
In aquarium environment, it is often quite shy and keeps in a corner. But it has sharp teeth so even if the risk of a bite is not high, some caution should be exercised when caring for the aquarium.
It thrives best in a large aquarium with high water circulation and good filtration and some roots that can provide protection. Plants can be difficult to keep together with piranhas.
Males have a reddish throat and a silver-yellow base colour. The female is slightly yellows. The photo shows a female who does not quite thrive, hence the slightly dark base colour.
The fry has black dots on the body.

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