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Zoopet want to learn beginners about aquariumfish. We will have over 700 free species description free for beginners. There is also an Aquariumguide by Kjell Fohrman that teaches the basics. Sign up as Goldmember and support our work.

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We will have more than 2000 species description for you as a Goldmember. You can learn care for uncommon fishes and setup aquarium with a good mix.

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Kjell Fohrman and Christian Alfredsson is behind Zoopet. Kjell has written many aquariumbooks and articles. Christian is an IT-architecht that is into cichlids. We have been running Zoopet in Swedish only since 2006. Now we are working hard to translate it to English

You can always contact us at christian@zoopet.com if you have any questions. Look for us on Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok.

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